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Ever since we met each other, my beloved husband Karim filled my life with love, light, joy and happiness, with music and special moments!

So from now on, each week, a special song will be revealed to all of you, so that you enjoy the meaning of life in all her beauty as a precious gift!

Allah's 99 names

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life in black and black

Black jeans. Black skirt. Black dress. Black blouse. Black jacket. Black hijab. Black abaya. 

When I think to black color, I think to sublime elegance. Versatility. Femininity. Black seems to be the new black color of 2013 - 2014 cold season. True and I know this well! But not like this! Too much is too much and enough is enough!

On birthdays, the socialite party, at the club, at the office, at the cinema, the holidays and to the supermarket, women wear black. Dresses... black dresses, shirts and pants, jackets, blazers and blouses, shoes, bags and socks, coats, jackets, boots and underwear; and above it black abayas and black hijabs. All black. Always. Like they are all the time in sorrow and about to bury someone!

We were recently invited to a wedding at a so fancy local restaurant. It was Saturday night, so I dressed like a flower with a so hot red dress that would make your blood burning only when you see the color; matched with it red and white veils, white shoes with red rose on a side and white purse with the same red roses in front. When we reached there, I thought that we've got the wrong address and we went to a requiem. All guests, and when I say all means all, celebrating the happy event in dark black clothes brought out from an episode of Adam's Family! So what that the abaya of the lady in the corner was EFFA and her "hubby" was wearing Ted Lapidus jacket? That complete black was expressing a funeral air. I mean, we will say to the married couple "Kol sana we entum tayebin" or "Allah rahmanukum"??? Because seeing the decor, I don't feel jolly at all...
Many of the girls/ women even in the daily life, they are wearing black, exclusive black! If you ask me, they look like Virgins Suicide, not at all Coco Channel models!

And now maybe I should clarify that the dress code Black Tie does not mean not even from far to dress necessarily like the Undertaker (the wrestling fighter). It is a formal style, where you have to wear a stylish dress, long, with a simple cut, but from a precious material without print. This dress can also be emerald green and royal purple. Not necessarily black. That's the idea.
I love the black dresses and sophisticated all black outfits with gold fine accessories, but worn occasionally. Still, I can't close my eyes when I see sad black outfits, intrusive and superfluous as what the girls use to choose these days!
All women want to be special and have a recognizable fashion style, and instead they play with shades and prints, they choose to drawn themselves in a deep black color, succeeding like this to increase the ranks of boring uniforms. Black does not make you thinner as you think, and neither more stylish. Fewer meat balls stuffed under the nose and a little more character and you will see that you will be stylish in a raspberry pink outfit too!

Let's color a little our wardrobe and show courage and good aesthetic taste. And maybe it will give color to our life too.


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Famous Arabian Wisdom Words

These days, I was searching for some "wisdom words" famous in Arabian culture. I found some quotes really interesting and with a so right meaning. Check it and see which one of these you find similar to something from your life!

Famous Old Arab Proverbs:
1- “A woman can hide her love for 40 years, but her disgust and anger not for one day”

2- “Write bad things that are done to you in sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble”

3- “Follow the advice of those who make you cry, never of those who make you laugh”

4- “Dwell not upon the weariness, the strength shall be according to the measure of the desire”

5- “Sunshine all the time makes a desert”

6- “Anything that happens once does not necessarily happen again, everything that happens twice is likely to happen for the third time as well.”

7- “Insults should be written in sand, compliments should be carved in stone”

8- “God can see a black ant walk on a black stone in a black night”

9- “Fear those who are afraid of you”

10- "Another man's bread will not fill your belly"

11- "choose your neighbor before the house, and the companions before the road"

12- "Death is a black camel, being at every door. Sooner or later you will ride it"

13- "He hit me, started to cry, and went straight to the judge to sue me !"

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Life with Scent of Orient

Bismillah Al Rahmanu Al Rahim

Salam Alaykoum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatoh!

As I told before on another post here, this year, Insha Allah, I'm willing to start and develop new projects for my family, my blog readers, my friends and for each one needs an idea, an advice, a guidance, a help to make life beautiful, full it with happiness and joy, with good feelings... I want to put my heart and my soul and create art around me... art and life... art and beauty... art and emotion.

My first project for this year is a brand new forum Life with Scent of Orient a place for friends and new friends which will join us, a place for all of us who live in an Arabian country or for those who are Arabians and wish to share with us their habits, traditions, their culture and knowledge about religion or even just wish to show the beauty of the country they come from. This forum is also a gate for all who have desire to know much more info about this wonderful countries, have desire to travel or to live there or even just desire to read and enter with the eyes of mind in this unveiled world!

This forum comes to offer all kind of important info to tourists about traveling, to future couples about marriage, to wives and husbands about delicious Arabian meals, medical advices, life stories and lessons of life; this forum comes to open and clear things related to Islam religion as also about other religions of this world; news from all over the world and business opportunities, beside many other interesting things!

Join us and come between friends! Any info or post from you can be a step in front for others and a good deed for you! 

Welcome on my forum Life with Scent of Orient!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Neighbourhoods and… neighbours :D

  1. Part 1

    I could say my favorite subject, not because I spy on my neighbors and after this I go to gossip while I drink my coffee with my "friends neighbors"! In fact - from the beginning, I mention that I love so much the privacy and the intimacy of my home and me and my husband we prefer to keep our home far from any social meetings (as much as we can).

    Truly, I am the kind of person which appreciates and takes as good manners if before someone comes to us (family or friends) that person calls and announces the intention to visit us (with at least 1 day before) because I totally dislike that I change my daily program suddenly and run from here to there because we have a visit (hospitality is very important for me; as the guest prepares himself for the visit, so do I, I love to prepare everything for the moment of visit)! Speaking about calls too: no call after 22:00 and in week-end, no call before 10:00 (except the emergency cases)! 

    Why this? I come from a family and from an environment where the respect for the family and the privacy, the manners and the behavior are the business card or better said… the mirror of the education of any person who understands the meaning of words "gentleman" as a man and "lady" as a woman! 

    Well, from the point of view of privacy and intimacy – no problem about this with our neighbors because we don't connect with them more than "Salam Alaykoum/ Wa Alaykoum Salam" when accidentally we meet on the stairs (and it is fine like this, trust me!). So what’s the business with our neighbors? We will see…

    In this building there are people I never saw their faces not even once… but I can hear their voices… from the first until the last floor (10th floor) so clear and SO LOUD that I can know where they went, what they bought, who they met, what they cooked, how many times they slapped the kids and called them with the names of the entire ZOO Garden and even the number of fights (which usually continue outside in front of the building from the reason "I want that people know with whom I married and how "toz" (jerk) he/ she is"!
    Note: We are living in a good area of the city, to Port Said Street, so near to the sea, practically I can say that I can "wash" my hands into the sea :D.

    TV… Mobile phone… we all have at least one of these two things…but how many times you shared them with your neighbors or people in the street? :D
    I wish from all my heart that my neighbors or anyone else related to them read this article and read well what I will say now: Rise Down the voice of your TV and Your voice when you use the mobile! I have the feeling that you are in my living room when you turn on your TV or you speak to mobile!!!

    And please! Try to show a minimum of decency and that there is difference between you and any jungle animal and that you value the fact that Allah blessed you with rationality, with mind and HE dignified you by being a human with religion and knowledge and you live in the city, not in the middle of the jungle!  The choice is yours: you can be the Tarzan or Cheetah of the community or you can honor the name you carry and say Alhamdulillah for the grace of Allah on you!

    Speaking about manners and behavior… one more thing: TAKE YOUR GARBAGE TO THE GARBAGE BASKET and STOP throwing the bags from the window in the middle of the night or early morning (you know that it is WRONG what you are doing so you try to put yourself under the protection of the darkness or the silence of the morning)!!! And here I speak first to the women: it is that hard that you move yourself from the couch and get down with the garbage basket? It is that hard that you ask your husband or your older kids to take the garbage out (in case that you can't or you are busy with something else)? Why you have to make yourself so cheap, less than the animals and dirty the view in front of your eyes because you are "kaslana awii" and don't want to move your "lanchon" to not lose a few grams??? TAKE YOUR GARBAGE TO THE GARBAGE BASKET (for Heaven sake it is besides the building)!!!

    In the end, all these things remind me with words I heard once: "Look to the desert… you don't see any flies, bugs or garbage. Take some humans and put them there… after a while you will see the place full with flies, ants, mosquitoes, bugs; all these beside the garbage and the bad smell!"
    Really, the human blesses the place… or maybe not, at least not in the situations mentioned above!

    P.S.: If you pass the same problems or even more with the community you are from, please let your comment here and uncover the situation! We don't have to be silent to these things!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Cairo - amazing every day (part two)

Only 25 km from Cairo, Egypt's biggest riches look into the sandy horizon. The pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, tower over the Giza plateau and turn into stone the tenacity and traditional skill of the people on the shore of the Nile. Among them, the Great Pyramids of Giza, popularly known as the Pyramid of Keops, is not only the most impressive given its size (the pyramid is about 139 meters tall and for over 3800 years, it was the tallest building in the world), but also offers you one of the most unusual leisure activities, given that you are so close to the desert: golf. The huge golf course at the base of the Great Pyramid belongs to Egypt's oldest luxury hotel, Mena House, and in order to play some golf in an ancient background, you must pay 12 euros. Don't worry about a dress code: you will be allowed to step on the course wearing any kind of T - shirt and even sneakers.

After that, you must also make at least one stop at one of the Egyptian capital's religious sites. Cairo is often called "the city of one thousand minarets", due to the multitude of buildings influenced by Islamic architecture and the high number of mosques there. The Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha or the Alabaster Mosque is the most famous of them, being over 60 meters tall and the first building greeting you from the distance as you draw closer to Cairo. Sultan Hassan's Mosque became famous in ancient times due to its size and innovating architectural style, with the dome shaped like an egg carved in wood. As for the Al - Azhar Mosque, its construction was finished in the year 972, which makes it the city's oldest religious building. 

The taste of Cairo

After so many trips, a hearty meal is an absolute must. Egyptian cuisine is famous for the generous amount of vegetables it uses, perfect for regaining energy after a day in the desert. Mesa'a'ah is one of the most savory choices: slices of grilled eggplants, onions, peppers covered by tomato sauce and Egyptian spices.
Cardamom (Hell in Arabic) is the most popular spice in Egyptian cuisine, which actually combines an amazing variety of spices, both Asian and African influence.
Mutton is Egyptians' favorite meat, (not the case of my husband, so I consider myself so so so lucky ^___*), either grilled or baked, with tahina sauce and a lot of herbs.

Bread (Eish Masri or Eish Balad) is also an important component of traditional Egyptian meals and the places you can have the best bread are Bedouin villages. Made of thyme and corn seeds, the bread of these desert inhabitants comes as an extra treat when you sit in their welcoming tents, in shelters made of stones and decorated with pillows.

Beyond being the lead character in the story of Arabian culture, Cairo stands out as a city that manages to offer its tourists many reasons to be fascinated, regardless of the social and political context. Which is another piece of evidence that the great Egyptian city, a not to miss vacation destination, is triumphant every day.